What I am Reading & Studying

Advanced Canine Nutrition- Companion Animal Sciences Institute

Last month, I started the advanced course at the Companion Animal Sciences Institute. You will need to complete the regular canine nutrition program to take this one. So far, it has been very worthwhile and essential to the work I have been doing. I do hope to take the Applied Course the second it is released. 

Update: I graduated! What a phenomenal course!


Canine Studies- Oxford Learning College

As of five minutes I have enrolled. Not much to say yet- but I will be sure to update this here with my thoughts.


Super Tutorial- Nutrition & Herbs for Common Canine Conditions

This one will start January 15th and I am so looking forward to an extra long tutorial that will get me from winter through Summer. Fifty bucks (early bird pricing) for 7 months of classroom time with Cat Lane? You bet.  


Canine Anatomy & Physiology- Certificate Course

Graduated. Highly recommend!


Canine Pharmacology- Advanced Certificate Course

 Enrolled and starting soon

Update: I do not recommend this course. Minimal scientific support to claims.


Home Cooking for Dogs- The Possible Canine

This one is already well into the course, but I consider this essential as well. Most know me from raw feeding groups- but cooking is equally essential. It is nearing the end, but I think it is worth a mention here. 

Practical Herbalism: Common Canine Conditions- The Possible Canine

I consider herbalism to be filling a void in my life and work. It is every bit helpful for nutrition and canine health. I am really slowly working through this course as I am reading the recommended reading. There is a ton! 


Biology, Secret to Life

I wanted to include a freebie. This one is online, and through MITx. The web applications for this tutorial are fantastic. I am just about done with this one. I think it is great for those who like more interactive content- so I figure I would list it.


Stool Analysis Masterclass & Meet Your Microbiome

I have not started this one- but I definitely will. It is a human class, but have heard that it is quite useful.  I am waiting a little bit to start. However, it is on the to-do list for this winter.

Update: I really enjoyed this course. There is much to know about the gut microbiome. There were some biases I did not appreciate from the course, but it was packed full of information.


All of my past studies can be found here and include Cert. CN and Cert. ACN from CASI, Basics of Canine Nutrition from TPC (full), Canine Diet Formulation (full), and various tutorials.


Savannah Welna, Cert. ACN