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If you see 0 stock left, please know that I am re-filling stock levels at the begining-middle of each month. I recommend Dr. Charley Gray at The Raw Vet or Victoria Koay, Cert. ACN.  For diabetic dogs, I recommend Alicia at Alicia’s Holistic Pet Wellness. If you would like their contact information, please email me at savannah@feedthydog.com

I always have room for returning clients of new or previously seen dogs. Please email me if stock is zero.

Therapeutic Formulations

Therapeutic formulations are for dogs who need extra dedication. They may have conditions that are changing and require more recipe adjustments. Their condition may also require more time from me as formulations can become quite complex. Chronic kidney disease, heart disease, or GI related disorders fall under this category.

Some owners already have a good idea of how to manage their dog’s condition and have found what works- but they may require assistance completing the diet. If that is you, a proactive formulation may be appropriate- do reach out if you are unsure!

I currently work with some cancers (especially MCT), chronic kidney disease, heart disease, some liver diseases, elimination diets, GI related disorders, pancreatitis, urinary disorders, allergies, and more. If you aren’t sure, please reach out to me at savannah@feedthydog.com

If you are a rescue and need help with an intake, please email me directly. This service is free in many, many instances.

If you are needing a super, super quick turnaround time, please reach out to Victoria Koay, Cert. ACN. Please contact for her information.

IMPORTANT: After purchase, your receipt and notification of your completed order will be emailed. There is a link to the intake form in that email. Please check spam if you cannot find it. If you do not fill out the intake form, you will not be scheduled. Filling out the intake form is what populates clients to my client board.
Consults start at $100 USD which include one formulation.

If you are in need of financial relief, please email me. I am flexible!

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Sample Report Request

If you would like to request a full multi-page sample consultation report, please email me at: savannah@feedthydog.com.

Please let me know which service you are interested in.

Step One

Use the book now button above to begin your purchase. Payment is done through paypal, but you do not need a paypal account. Paypal is easiest for me, but if you would like to use another method of payment, just ask 🙂

Step Two

Fill out the intake form that is linked in your completed order email. Please do not take long breaks when filling out the form. This can result in the form not sending.

Please include as much information as possible. The form is in-depth and is how I get to know your dog.


Step Three

You will be scheduled automatically in my client board. Average weight times are around 4 weeks. However, I often have a quicker turn around time. I allow this padding of time to move some clients up if their dog’s health condition is more severe. You do not need to be online on any specific day. Consults are delivered via email.  If you book and need quicker attention, email me please!

What’s Included


NRC Balanced Recipes*

I primarily use NRC guidelines when formulating for dogs. However, some conditions require that we stray from regular requirements. Conditions such as chronic kidney disease or CSD mean we should not use regular NRC recommended allowances.

Herbs and other non-essentials are included in these formulations as appropriate. 


Nutrition Write-up

Recipe formulation includes a write-up about ingredient choice and further resources to learn more about supporting your dog.


Shopping List

Shopping list included. This list will tell you what to buy in person, and what to buy online depending on your preferences indicated on the intake form.


Nutritional Analysis

All recipes come with a nutritional analysis. Many use this analysis for themselves and are great to bring with you to share with your vet. I support full transparency when formulating and for those who are RFN Formulating sheet users, I am happy to provide the raw recipe data upon request.

Please make sure to request the RFN raw data if you need it- I don’t snd it automatically. 


Preparation Instructions

Whether you are pulling ingredients out each day or preparing a large batch, detailed instructions are included. I am always there for follow-up questions.


Feeding Plan

How to feed the recipe. If your dog is new to the foods, a transition plan is absolutely included. Proper food storage also included where indicated.

Sample report request

If you would like to request a full multi-page sample consultation report, please email me at: savannah@feedthydog.com.

Please let me know which service you are interested in.

  • VItamin A 100% 100%
  • Vitamin D 100% 100%
  • manganese 100% 100%
  • Vitamin E 100% 100%
  • Zinc 100% 100%
  • Copper 100% 100%
  • Selenium 100% 100%
  • EPA & DHA 100% 100%
  • Magnesium 100% 100%

100% online

All consultations take place online with an in-person option for locals. Recipes delivered via email, accessible worldwide.



Got questions? I am available to answer your questions regarding formulation, preperation, feeding and more.

Created for You

The in-depth intake form allows me to address the needs of your dog as well as your needs as the owner- sourcing and prep.

Why do you include cooked recipes?

Many know me from my admin role in raw feeding groups. However, nutrition science does not stop at raw foods. Many dogs do better on cooked, and others on raw. I am happy to do what works according to what is made available to us through nutrition science.

Do you utilize whole foods?

I utilize whole foods whenever possible. I never select a supplement when a whole food solution is available. Food allergies, limited calories, and limited sourcing are all factors that may contribute to supplementation. I am knowledgable about whole food supplements, including Standard Process, but not all whole food supplements are accessible, affordable, or appropriate. 

I will not fill nutritional gaps using innapropriate foods like ginger or heavy amounts of seeds and nuts.

Are you aware of the taurine issues?

Yes, and I am always mindful of the recipe formulation- including amino acids, fat, ingredients, etc. Do check out my full post about DCM post here.

I only have access to certain ingredients, will I have time to share what those are?

Absolutely, the health intake form allows for plenty of space to fill in what you like to use, don’t like to use, foods your dog likes and dislikes, etc.

Do you utilize raw feeding guidelines?

Typically, no. I utilize nutrition science and apply it to the dog we are feeding. Feed Thy Dog 🙂

Often times, 10% bone is too high in phosphorus or calcium and interferes with other nutrients. Other owners do not wish to feed raw meaty bones. Often times, 5% liver will cause too high of copper.

Recipes are highly customized for the dog keeping nutrients but also ingredients in mind.

Why do you include plant-based ingredients?

Supporting the dog’s microbiome is critical for the health of the animal. Nutriiton science is learning more each day. You are what you eat is now more accurately described as You are what you absorb. Digestible carbohydrates and small amounts of plant matter are almost always used in recipes. High carbohydrate recipes are not formulated unless the dog needs it.

Phytonutrients have much to offer, and I select ingredients based on the dog. A young dog’s recipe will look different than the ways I would support an elderly dog.

I also provide information in the write-up that teaches you how to rotate out your own fresh plant sources.

What if the recipe doesn't work?

The best way to ensure the recipe works is to be as specific as possible when filling out the intake form. If your sourcing information changes, you need to let me know immediately. I cannot formulate mutliple recipes due to intake form error. 

If your dog’s activity level changes, let me know immediately. Calorie adjustments take time.

That being said, recipe adjustment is a normal part of the process and one hour of adjustment time is included in the price.

How do you learn about my dog?

After you purchase a meal plan, you will be automatically emailed a detailed health form. The health form includeds:

  • Age
  • Previous health history
  • Current health
  • Condition of coat, nails, teeth etc.
  • Body condition (with imaging to help)
  • Activity level
  • Sourcing information
  • Water information
  • Environment information (including exposure to chemicals, where your dog sleeps etc. as these all affect nutrition)
  • Dogs with jobs: I love working with working dogs, and there is a place for that, too!
  • Current and previous foods
  • Food allergies and intolerances
  • + much more!