Purchase a Formulation

Prices start at $30 per audit

What’s  Included?


Ingredient Feedback

All ingredients are assessed. It is not enough to meet nutrient requirements. Each ingredient brings both pros and cons to the recipe.


Analysis Feedback

I provide personal thoughts on the numbers- including macronutrient distribution, fatty acids, fiber, antioxidant profile, antinutrient analysis where applicable, and more.


Option to Upgrade

Sometimes a recipe is beyond gentle tweaking. If I find that the recipe needs more attention, I’ll provide light feedback and an option to upgrade at a discounted price to a full recipe formulation and discontinue work on the analysis.


Nutritional Analysis

All recipes come with a nutritional analysis. Many use this analysis for themselves and are great to bring with you to share with your vet.


Dog Specific Feedback

An intake form is issued after purchase. I provide my feedback about ways the recipe is or isn’t fulfilling the dog’s needs beyond essential nutrients.


Follow Up Q & A

I am happy to answer questions within a week of delivering the analysis. I understand that the analysis is a starting point to improving your dog’s diet and that further questions will always arise.

100% online

All consultations take place online with an in-person option for locals. Analysis delivered via email, accessible worldwide.



Got questions? I am available to answer your questions regarding the analysis and what all components mean.

Created for You

I address the needs of your dog as well as your needs as the owner- especially lifestyle considerations.

Will your analysis tell me how to fix the recipe?

This really depends. As stated above, if I feel the recipe needs a lot of work, I cannot “fix” the recipe in the time allotted for an analysis. If this occurs, I will email you explaining the short-comings and offer to apply the remaining labor hours to a full formulation. This means the hours put towards the analysis will be put towards the recipe formulation. Discount amount varies.

Many recipes require gentle tweaking. If this is the case, I certainly provide that feedback.

Which guidelines do you use?

I use NRC guidelines. Please note that is is only a small part of the recipe analysis. A good formulation goes well beyond basic nutrient requirements. Moreover, many dogs have varying nutrient needs because of breed, environment, activity level, etc. I take all of that into consideration.

Will you analyse my kibble/commercial food toppers?

Absolutely! Though the labor time to do this does not change.

Do you utilize raw feeding guidelines?

I am happy to check “ratios,” but do know the bulk of this service is checking recipes against nutrient requirements of cats and dogs.

Can I buy multiple analysis at the discounted price and only do one analysis initially?

Yes. You do not need to use all of your analysis’ right away. They may be saved for later.


Recipe analysis start at $30 USD.

  • VItamin A 100% 100%
  • Vitamin D 100% 100%
  • manganese 100% 100%
  • Vitamin E 100% 100%
  • Zinc 100% 100%
  • Copper 100% 100%
  • Selenium 100% 100%
  • EPA & DHA 100% 100%
  • Magnesium 100% 100%

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